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ITip/Tape Hair Care

The great thing about this extension method is that you can treat it like your own hair. 

Don’t be afraid to get in there; but with tact.


  • Wet hair from scalp to ends.

  • Lather hair and scalp with ChristianJavaun shampoo and massage product. Rinse and repeat (2x).

  • Follow with ChristianJavaun Conditioner and rinse.

  • Apply a small amount of ChristianJavaun Leave-In conditioner concentrating more on the natural hair.  

Avoid scrubbing/bunching the length of the hair. This will help prevent matting and tangling. Rub hair in a downward motion to keep hair as smooth as possible. 


! Its always BEST to detangle hair when it is wet/damp. Work your way up from the ends to the roots/cylinders. For the most thorough detangle, take small-medium section parts.

*Note! You will not be able to detangle the roots as they are blocked by the cylinders. Avoid trying to comb this area as this could cause breakage. Simply separate the sections with your hands to help reduce new growth webbing together. 


For the best and quickest results, detangle hair first and separate into small sections. Start from the ends and work your way to the roots using a paddle brush. 

We highly suggest avoiding blowdryers with attachments such as nozzles and/or combs. Sometimes this can burn the natural hair and/or extensions if not used properly. If you cannot use the blow-drier without an attachment, consider lowering the temperature to Med heat/high speed. 


For Best results, subsection the hair into comfortable working sections. Part hair by 1-2 rows (depending on hair thickness) and flatiron/ curl. 

  • If you are looking to wear you extensions natural please know the extension hair

  • DOES NOT have the same shrinkage as natural hair therefore some additional work is required.

  • Curl patterns are NOT 100% exact so don't get discouraged when styling. 


Wash N' Go

We suggest working on wet/damp hair. This is the best way to distribute product evenly. Apply product as you would for your natural hair but giving more concentration where your natural hair fills in. This helps you create a more defined blend where the natural and extension hair meet. 

! Use left over product from hands to apply to the length of the extension hair. You don't need a lot as you don't what the hair to dry more "tamed" than the upper half of you hair. Remember, there is no extention shrinkage!

Twist/Braid Out

You can accomplish this style either from wet/damp hair or dry hair. Our favorite finished look comes from the damp/dry method.

This also eliminates that dreaded dry time. 

  • After you have shampooed/conditioned, DETANGLED and *blowdried you hair, you will work in sections to apply a generous amount of your favorite curl product (keeping in mind our WASH N' GO application product tips).

  • Apply more of the product where your natural hair is and the left overs on the lengths. 

  • Braid or twist as desired.

  • Once style has set (typically overnight), use a small amount of serum or lite weight oil. (Tip: Rub product into the palms of your hands for an even distribution. Palm the braid or twist and unravel).

  • Pluck, fluff and style to your liking. 


  • *Blowdrying: Apply our suggestions from blowdrying however you want to leave a little moisture (damp) in the hair. The goal is to stretch the hair smooth so your natural hair and extensions have a more seamless blend. This technique helps your style last longer and its easier for your upkeep. 

  • If your hair gets dry as you are working, apply a LITTLE water to the section. You need moisture to help encourage your desired pattern.

  • Larger sections are quicker and create more volume faster.

  • Smaller sections take more time but last longer and give more definition.  

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